“I first began seeing Amber in November of 2011, when a rock climbing injury had me in major back pain. During session one, my pain went from an 8 out of 10, to a 3. It was an amazing experience because I’ve fought scoliosis my entire life.

Before seeing Amber, I had been regularly working with a PhD physical therapist for two years and had no sustainable pain relief or body health. It seems the doctor was treating the spot of inflammation but not connecting it into my fascia lines that run through my body.

Amber isn’t a chiropractor. Not a trainer. Not an energy worker. Not a masseuse. Nor a physical therapist. Yet somehow, she is all of these things and more. I just call her my body healer now when I talk about her.  

If you are in pain, want better posture or improve your physical abilities, Amber will empower you to do it yourself without making you dependent on her. She understands the human body more than anyone I’ve ever met.“

Tyson Adams

Seattle, WA


"Amber is effective, conscientious, and thorough. Her one-of-a-kind approach analyzes your body movement as a "system" to increase your health and fitness, and reduce injuries by letting your body function as it should and "getting you out of your own way".

I went to see Amber with achilles issues while training for a marathon. She immediately identified my achilles pain as a result of lazy glute muscles and overall bad posture. In just 4-weeks together she not only got me out of pain, but back into training so I could complete my marathon.

I cannot recommend Amber enough. I have sent a half-dozen of my friends her way and they have all been equally pleased with their results. I continue to see her on a maintenance basis myself and credit her the as reason I am still running and climbing today."

Kristina Ciari

Seattle, WA


"I reached out to Amber because I was intrigued. I hadn't heard of something where I could take control of my own physical development and communication with my body. This was holistic AND specific. It was really empowering to know that I could lead this conversation with myself, instead of having to always ask experts when something went wrong. She gave me fundamentals to focus on, things that I could apply all the time, throughout my day, when I was sitting, standing, walking. 

Work with her was super valuable, even in just a couple sessions. It's two years later, and I use those axioms and tips to this day on a daily basis. While it's impossible to quantify things that haven't happened to me, I do know that my knee is fully functional and pain-free, even years later. Amber--thank you!"

Byron Go

Seattle, WA


"Amber has worked wonders for my posture and fitness, and she is great fun to work with. Her simple and precise exercises have helped increase my lung capacity, relieved tension in my shoulders, neck and lower back, and have provided me with extra energy and a bounce in my step. I highly recommend working with her."

Yelp Review


"Amber is absolutely amazing. After years of going to multiple doctors and physical therapists for my chronic tendonitis and knee pain, she has been the only one who has been able to give me precise exercises and physical awareness that make a marked and permanent difference."

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