Consultation: Available to first time clients. Meet with the trainer of your choice one-on-one to assess your goals and needs. If appropriate, you're movement will be screened to help us figure out the best exercises for you and reduce chance of injury. We have the ability to screen basic functional movements up to high capacity movements. If needed, we have a mat table available if getting on and off the floor is difficult. 

Individual Training: Work with a trainer one-on-one to get focused attention. 

Small Group Individual Training:  These sessions will have up to four people in them each working on a personalized program. 

Packages: All sessions in a package must be used within 30 days from the date of the first scheduled session. If illness or unforeseen travel comes up, let us know and we will accommodate.

You have the freedom to schedule with whoever you want, whenever you want as we share our notes and have a common language. For example, if you purchase a package of eight private training sessions, you may schedule all with the same trainer or alternate between trainers.


Ad Hoc Rates

Small Group Package Rates