What is this?

This is a movement technique to build and/or restore posture, spring, and resiliency in your body, much like you had when you were a child. We tend to lose this over time spent at desks, in cars, from injury, etc. Additionally, this process will address the patterns and habits, conscious and unconscious, that might be getting in your way of feeling optimal. The goal is to create a pattern of successful posturing and movement and to teach effective self care. 

Is this like Feldenkrais or Alexander Technique?

It might be fair to say this falls in the same genre as those techniques. It is similar in that it is a movement based practice that works with the idea of neuroplasticity. A similar end goal (pain free, etc.) but a different perspective and approach. The philosophy that sets this practice apart is the idea of spring. This modality is unique because it patterns spring and resiliency for your musculoskeletal system and helps identify and remove the forces (bad habits, muscle confusion) that interfere with that process.

How long before I see results?

Most people see positive results in the first session and you will likely know if this is a good fit for you after that first session.