Move Better. Move Stronger. Move Longer.

Seattle's functional movement education service offering personal training and small group training. 



Clean, open, and uncrowded.

Our studio is minimally equipped with just the equipment we need and we strive to keep our space as clean and healthy as possible. We operate by appointment only and have a cap for how many can train at one time to ensure it doesn't get too crowded. 



  • State-of-the-art drinking water filtration.
  • Hot, cold, and room temperature water.
  • Towel service.
  • Cubbies for belongings.
  • LED high-efficienty lighting that is much healthier than florescent or other lights of lighting.
  • Full spectrum healthy lighting. In the morning, the lights have a bluer tone ideal for waking up and staying alert. As the day progresses, the lights tune to a warmer hue much light the sun as it sets.
  • Air Purifier.
  • Tea.
  • Green plants.
  • Stall bars.
  • Balance beams.
  • Full set of kettlebells.
  • Squat racks.
  • Olympic bars and weights.
  • Massage tools.
  • Weight sleds.
  • Indian clubs.
  • Bands, pulleys, and other resistance tools.
  • Mat table.
  • A smaller, quiet room for breathing exercises or consultations.