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Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a concentration in neuropsychology from the University of Virginia and has been a personal trainer since 2002. Eric has trained amateur, student and professional athletes, dancers and performers, as well as general fitness clients. Eric works with individuals of all ages ranging from kids to seniors. He has extensive experience working in consultation with medical professionals and physical therapists in rehabilitative situations. These include total joint replacement, stroke recovery, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, as well as acute and chronic musculoskeletal injury involving including back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain.

Eric is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the nation’s leading sports strength and conditioning organization. Eric also holds a certification as a Functional Movement Specialist with Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems and is a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified instructor with Pavel Tsatsuline’s Russian Kettlebell system.


NSCA - Since 2002


Russian Kettlebell

CPR/AED/First Aid


Amber has been a trainer since 2008, with expertise in sustainable pain relief, optimizing functional movement patterns, and achieving top physical performance.

Amber discovered her passion for understanding the body when she was injured and needed two surgeries.  During recovery, she struggled to restore proper knee movement through traditional methods.  Then she discovered a new training protocol, Exercise Anatomy, that uses simple movements to optimize physical performance. Not only was she out of pain immediately, her overall fitness and feeling of resilience increased. After apprenticing for two years, she set out to practice on her own and has successfully assisted others reach their personal best fitness, get out of pain, and get back to the activities they love.

In addition to studying dance at the University of Washington, she has participated in activities such as aerial, Kung Fu, and running and spent time as an avid alpine and backcountry skier and rock climber. When seeing clients, she uses gait and posture analysis as well as movement testing to determine the right exercises to use at that time for a specific client. When done correctly, simple, precise exercises will increase lung capacity, relieve tension, signal spring and power from the foot up, as well as increase strength and range of motion. This results in relief of many aches and pains caused by stress, compensatory movement patterns, and other detrimental lifestyle factors by decreasing daily stress on joints. Amber utilizes a diverse skill set which includes breathwork and Tai Chi as well as weight lifting and kettlebell techniques to assist clients to optimal movement health.


Exercise Anatomy - Since 2008

NASM - Since 2008

CPR/AED/First Aid


Kyle is a Licensed Massage Therapist exploring and practicing the Functional Movement System (FMS) and Exercise Anatomy. He brings an extensive background of movement into practice, maintaining a professional dance career of 11 years and holding a Yoga Teaching Certification for four years. Through his massage therapy education and practice, Kyle also incorporates the principles of anatomy, physiology, pathology, kinesiology, and healing. As an avid researcher of movement restoration, he includes many schools of thought, bringing a unique blend of exercise, expression, hands-on therapy, and knowledge into each training session. This diverse skill-set gives him the ability to meet a wide range of client needs which includes assisting those recovering from injury, helping athletes safely keep a rigorous training schedule, and anything in between. His passion about revealing the practical applications of training make movement a gift to carry beyond the gym and into day-to-day life. He is proud to join the team at Moment Training!