Professional Personal Training

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Individualized Programming:
The Right Exercises For You


functional Movement screening

We use evidence based screening methods to objectively determine the right exercise, for the right person, at the right time.



With this screen, we have the ability to safely assess high threshold abilities. This screen is great for athletes or anyone who trains rigorously and would like to ensure they are doing so without

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First, we set the muscle memory pattern using specific tools and setting up the environment to encourage your nervous system to make a positive adaptation. This allows for better form and capacity when lifting weights or training for your favorite physical activity.


Private Training

Get one-on-one attention for everything from minor aches and pains to high-performance, high-threshold training. Our trainers are experienced in working with many different populations and their specific needs. 

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Train in a clean, open, and uncrowded space. 


Small Group Training

Get high quality individualized training at a great price by sharing the hour with up to three other people.

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We handpicked our equipment for our results-based training. Although we are big fans of things like indian clubs, kettlebells, stall bars, and olympic weights, we don't adhere to any one method. Our goal is to use the best tool to get the desired results.


Consult with Us

During a consultation, we will be learning more about you but you will also be learning about yourself. If you’re active, this will give insight into how well your training program is working for you and where you could improve. If you are deconditioned, the consult will show us your strengths so that we can safely and effectively start you on an engaging training program.

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